New Movie Soon To Be Released Starring Jim Caviezel & Mira Sorvino About Child Trafficking


The Sound of Freedom is the telling of the real life fight against child trafficking

Based on Factual Events – COMING SOON is Roe V Wade ~ The MOVIE


A True Story About The Most Famous Court Case In America

U.S. Air Force Band, ‘Max Impact’ Performs Beautiful Melody: “THIS FLAG” …


What does our beautiful ‘Red, White and Blue’ Patriotic Banner mean to you as an American?

Young Girl Sings “Go Rest High On That Mountain” Will Bring You Tears of Joy

Screenshot - 6_23_2017 , 7_36_01 AM callista clark go rest high on that mountain

THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!. Thanks for visiting!THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!Young Girl Sings “Go Rest High On That Mountain” Will Bring You Tears of Joy This is absolutely stunning, breathtaking and WOW! That’s what […]

What Is The True Meaning of The Rainbow? | Promise of Hope!


A Rainbow is physically produced by an amazing phenomenon involving the prismatic refraction of light. This was 1st published back in 2004!

“INFIDEL” Produced By D’Souza Media In Theaters September 18


Infidel tells a story ripped from the headlines. It is a fictional narrative based on true events.

“Unplanned” The Movie March 29 2019 Tackles The Hard Issue of Abortion

unplanned the movie - abby johnson march 2019

All Abby Johnson ever wanted to do was help women. As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the nation

The UK’s First Mobile Shower Unit For Homeless People Has Been Unveiled


‘The Shower Machine’ will enable people who sleep rough to have a hot soak while their clothes are washed by charity

God Says “All or Nothing” in 2019


God Says “All or Nothing” in 2019 by Ken Chant   In the end, it must be everything or it will be nothing. We are not free to pick and choose among the promises and […]