Prayer For Chaos, Worry & Fear This Week … Time To Be DELIVERED & SET FREE


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Are you prepared for this coming week will bring? Don’t go it alone.

by SheriAnn | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media


Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today…

Our Father, As we face this week, please help us trust you for the things we don’t yet understand. We’re so grateful that we can come to you like children and trust you as our Father. This world is such a scary and unsettling place right now. We can wonder, argue, discuss, worry, and lament for hours on end about how things got this way and what should and could be done to fix what’s broken. Please remind us to bring our concerns, worries, fears, anger, and sadness to you. We are grateful that you are not scared or worried. You are not overwhelmed, intimidated, or daunted by anything that is happening. We are grateful that you hold us, protect us, lead us, guide us, and speak words of comfort and encouragement to us. We are so thankful for the protection and refuge you offer us as your children. Jesus often took time to be alone with you. Please prompt us to do the same. Remind us often that there is no safer place to be than with you, and peace is not the absence of troubles but your presence amid our struggles. We are grateful that in your presence there is beauty, order, peace, and joy. Chaos, uncertainty, worry, fear, and anxiety can’t exist in your presence. Thank you for these great gifts you give us during our trials, pain, losses, and suffering. Thank you for being our sanctuary, our safe harbor, and our refuge from the world. Thank you for allowing us to experience glimpses of your glory and what heaven will be like. Thank you for all you offer us and for all you do for us. Thank you for loving us so well. May our hearts be still and at rest as we trust everything to your hands. May our hearts overflow with joy, peace, and a sense of contentment, knowing we are deeply loved, adored, and treasured by you. We lay everything before you, now. We ask for your will to be done and trust that you know what is best. We love you, Father. We commit this day and week to you and pray that you will be glorified in all we think, say, and do. We thank you that we can come before you in the name of our Savior and Messiah, Jesus. Amen. May your week be peaceful and blessed, friends!

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Boldly Unhindered,


Blessed Sunday!