PRAYER: Walk In The Light of Your Fires


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Stop interfering with God’s plans and with His will

by Sheri Ann | Contributing Writer | Eternal Affairs Media


This is a solemn warning to those who walk in darkness and who try to help themselves find the light. They are described as the kindling for a fire that is surrounding itself with sparks.

What does this mean????

It means that when we are in darkness, the temptation is to find our own way without trusting in the Lord and relying upon Him. Instead of allowing Him to help us, we try to help ourselves. We seek the light of the natural way and the advice of our friends. We reason out our own conclusions and thereby may be tempted to accept a path of deliverance that would not be of God at all. The light we see may be the fires from our own kindling, or deceptive beacons leading us toward the danger of the rocks. And God will allow us to walk in the false light of those sparks but the end will be sorrow.

Beloved, never try to get out of a dark place except in God’s timing and in His way. A time of trouble and darkness is meant to teach us lessons we desperately need.

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Premature deliverance may circumvent God’s work of grace in our lives. Commit the entire situation to Him, and be willing to abide in darkness, knowing He is present.

Remember, it is better to walk in the dark with God than to walk alone in the light.

Stop interfering with God’s plans and with His will.

Touching anything of His mars the work. Moving the hands of a clock to suit us does not change the time. We may be able to rush the unfolding of some aspects of God’s will, but we harm His work in the long run. You can force a rosebud open, but you spoil the flower.

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Leave everything to Him, without exception.

In His Love and boldly unhindered !!!

Sheri Ann

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