Nashville Rehabilitation Center Treats Youth To Exclusive Evening Montgomery Gentry


Nashville Center for Rehabilitation & Healing Treat Youth to Exclusive Evening with Eddie Kilgallon of Montgomery Gentry   NASHVILLE, TN – Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing proudly hosted the Big Brothers Big Sisters of […]

Young Girl Sings “Go Rest High On That Mountain” Will Bring You Tears of Joy

Screenshot - 6_23_2017 , 7_36_01 AM callista clark go rest high on that mountain

Young Girl Sings “Go Rest High On That Mountain” Will Bring You Tears of Joy This is absolutely stunning, breathtaking and WOW! That’s what it is my friends. Callista Clark has some God driven talent […]

April 24 is Take Your Child To Work Day … Should We Take Our Children To Work?

This 15-year old program is, according to the founders, designed to “create an enriching educational experience for our nation’s daughters and sons.”

Being a Teenager Today Can Be More Stressful … TIPS FOR TEENS

Being a teenager today can be more stressful than it was twenty or more years ago. Teenagers have the pressures of the Internet where they can easily exchange information with one another. Cyber bullying is not uncommon today and can …

Justin Bieber aka "The Biebs" Credits Jesus With His Success

They say that when something is meant to be, it will be and that the Lord works in mysterious ways. It is indeed rare to hear such a story of a young man (Justin Bieber) from humble beginnings rising to the top of the pop music world to acclaim and fortune.

TEENS: The Secret to Securing Your Future

The secret to securing your future is to have multiple streams of income. That’s right! In addition to having a job, you can create a side or many side businesses that will ensure you have a secure and healthy future.