U.S. Air Force Band, ‘Max Impact’ Performs Beautiful Melody: “THIS FLAG” …


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U.S. Air Force Band, ‘Max Impact’ Performs Beautiful Melody: “THIS FLAG” …


What does our beautiful ‘Red, White and Blue’ Patriotic Banner mean to you as an American?

Official U.S. Air Force Band, MAX IMPACT performs this beautiful melody:


“This Flag”

The lyrics speak for themselves …

“Please Don’t Let It Die”

via The United States Air Force Band Official Youtube Channel:


The United States Air Force Band in Washington, D.C., is proud to present its “On the Fly” music video series. Capturing moments of daily life for members of The U.S. Air Force Band, these videos provide an insider’s look at the many talents and capabilities of these Airmen Musicians, and how they inspire American citizens, honor our service men and women, and impact our global community every day.

Through world-class musical presentations and ceremonies, The U.S. Air Force Band helps create bonds between the United States and the worldwide community. Using music to bridge language, cultural, societal and socio-economic differences, the Band’s performances advance international relationships and inspire positive and long-lasting impressions of the U.S. Air Force and the United States of America.

The excellence demonstrated by our Airmen Musicians is a reflection of the excellence carried out 24 hours a day by Airmen stationed around the globe. These professionals are proud to represent all Airmen, whose selfless service and sacrifices ensure the freedoms we enjoy as American citizens.

“This Flag” – Senior Master Sgt. Matt Ascione – composer/arranger

Members of Max Impact
Senior Master Sgt. Matt Ascione – Ukulele
Master Sgt. Jonathan McPherson – Piano
Technical Sgt. Nalani Quintello – Vocals

Colonel Don Schofield – Executive Producer
Master Sgt. Emily Wellington – Videographer/Producer/Editor
Master Sgt. Jonathan McPherson – Audio Mixing

For more information about The United States Air Force Band, please click here!

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