Creativity is “Truly” Limitless, Using Spare Tires and Banana Peels to Craft Handbags

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by Curtis Ray Bizelli


With just a “little” spunk of creativity, anyone can accomplish many goals they set for themselves, such as that success of Ssenkaaba Samson “aka” XENSON.

Using Fair Trade & Banana Peels, XENSON Fashion & Art based out of Uganda, headed up by Artist / Designer, Ssenkaaba Samson “aka” Xenson, Son of the Former Vice President of Uganda will be the basis of this article. We will provide a big punch of value in relation to the industries of Fashion & Art that XENSON specializes in, while all along creating a movement of peace and prosperity in the heart of the reader. Strap yourself in to be “blown away” …

Samson “aka” XENSON has a motto that many entrepreneurs and creative types can relate with:, “Creativity is Limitless” … this is so true for XENSON and his business respectively named “Xenson Art” and “Xenson Fashion”, in which he incorporates “fair-trade” to woman in Africa, teaching them the ways of the art as they hand craft the splendor of XENSON Fashion.

He teaches these woman of Africa the fine art of using non-traditional material to create handbags and many more “creative” items that are showcased on his two websites and around the world. *stay tuned* … Read Below …

Art by Xenson
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XENSON Art depicts African life from the perspective of the son of former vice president of Uganda, Ssenkaaba Samson, in which he experienced first hand the art of war, “within” finding the art of peace via The NRA Guerilla Movement as a child.

BEYOND INTERESTING – Spare Tires and Banana Peels Showcased Across the World!

This is “beyond” an interesting concept since until now, we’ve never really heard of anybody using SPARE TIRES and BANANA PEELS to create items of note-worthy importance that have been showcased across Germany, Paris, Netherlands, Beijing, Brazil, Kenya, Niger, South Africa, and Tanzania. XENSON is surely going to be a household brand name one day. It could be for the African Elite or for The Person on a Budget. God only knows the “bounds” that will be broken in the future due to XENSON: Creativity is “Truly” Limitless!


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