The Lord Speaks On Occupy Wall Street & Man's Corruption & Control (When Its TIME To Be FACTUAL "Editorial")

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By: Doug Deneve and Curtis Ray Bizelli (When Magazine Editorial from “Eternal Affairs Media” Executives)



In the past, people have taken action against the continual raising of gas prices, but has that action been significant enough to make an impact on the industry as a whole?  During these rough times, The Lord has spoken to me and stated, “You live in a jellyfish world and there is strength in numbers.”  What is God trying to teach us by the jellyfish metaphor?

When jellyfish strike, they usually come in numbers thus making a vast impact on beaches around the world, often causing them to temporarily shutdown! Would you be able to shutdown a beach? Do you believe that is possible? One thing that is different between us and jellyfish is that they don’t have backbones, so we are a step ahead.  If we have backbones, we can surely make a difference, that is, in numbers!

When man fears we should fight back in vast numbers.  God controls everything yet man has tried to outdo God in many ways.  Man’s weaknesses are to be taken seriously.  They are the foundation of all the character defects that one portrays, such as the corruption on Wall Street (Can I say Occupy?).  Right there is greed and gluttony. Man’s weaknesses envelope them simply because they don’t trust God! Even if you’re not following God, you can at least trust in Him.  God makes the rules.  Not man.  Man has tried since the beginning of time to test, change, and bring down the rules that God has laid out for us.  (Can I say Judge Roy Moore in whom we conducted a When Mag Radio Interview with?). The only thing “The Evil One” controlling the government is “good for” is sending fear into our hearts and suffering into our lives, in which the only being we should fear is God, Alpha & Omega, Himself. Have faith and write to your state representatives in order to make a difference!

They say faith can move mountains.  Do you really think God would let us run out of gas?  Think about it seriously for a few moments.  God supplies when you are faithful OR fearful.  It doesn’t matter – He supplies!  Man’s fears are man-made.  God is our source for everything that is good.  So going back to the subject of high gas prices, America and the world should fight man’s ways in numbers.  Complaining gets the job halfway done, but action gets a reaction of real hope!  Show your Government that you’ve had enough of man’s control and loudly proclaim, “IN GOD WE TRUST SHOULD REIGN FOREVER!”  Write your president, senate, and oil companies and explain that you’ve had enough of their control.  You have a right to do so.  Be more than a jellyfish.  Instead, fight back in many ways!

America was based on the backbone of the people therefore the people shall prevail! But what happened to us?  We are just taking what they give us and passively allowing the government and these companies to have more and more control over us!  I say to all Americans – I say to all men and woman of the world – show your backbone in numbers and your gas prices will go down!  Show them you’ve had enough!  Don’t be a spineless jelly fish.  Step Up.  However be like the jellyfish in which they show themselves in numbers!  Let’s make a bold stand and take action.  Let’s make people of America and other countries stubborn for justice once again! “We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night. We Will Not Vanish Without a Fight.” (“Independence Day”, 1996)

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