The Ten Commandments (2007) Movie Review

ten-commandments-movie-review-2007-whenReview by: Angie Simmons & Curtis R. Bizelli

The most recent animated rendition of “The Ten Commandments” film hit the big screen in 2007 and is now on DVD. This is a film that parents can rejoice over – Scripturally accurate, family-friendly and entertaining – the movie brings the Bible to life in a way that children can understand. The animated film recounts the life of Moses and how God used him to free His people from slavery in Egypt. It features a talented cast including Ben Kingsley as the film’s narrator, Elliott Gould as the voice of God, Christian Slater as the voice of Moses, and Alfred Molina as the voice of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses.

Though some have compared the movie to The Prince of Egypt, which also tells the story of Moses, the two, in reality are quite different. “The Ten Commandments” tells the entire story of Moses’ life, whereas The Prince of Egypt stopped with the parting of the Red Sea. The end of their movie is only the middle of this one. It is also said that “The Ten Commandments” is lighter and perhaps even more family-friendly. Filmmakers also tried to make the movie as accurate as absolutely possible, and they made it where at least some of the scenes depicted some humor as well.

The film is geared towards children, but there are many profound lessons for adults to take away as well, including the value of humility and the fact that God equips those that he calls, in which is truly all of us. One of the biggest desires for this movie is that it does not only encourage us to read the Bible, but it demonstrates how relevant the biblical events from thousands of years ago are to our lives in present time. This movie assists us in realizing that God works in our lives today just as He did back then.

If you are in bondage, He can free you out of any bondage you’re in, just like he did the slaves out of the hands of Pharaoh. He can deliver you into the Promised Land.

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