Letters To God Movie Review – Thanks to "HOSFU"

When I was asked by Possibility Pictures publicist, Fred Williams, if HOSFU would be interested in screening the film Letters to God, I was ecstatic. So recently, while in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I put the movie on the screen of the Hilton boardroom and opened up my laptop to take notes.

What followed was an hour and fifty-three minutes of cinematic goodness, based on a true story.

What is it that you think of when you hear the words, "Christian" or "God-Driven"? – Special Christian Section

A Christian is evidently somebody that simply believes in Jesus Christ. It’s no doubt that a Christian is one that has been saved by the precious blood of our Dear Lord, Christ! But … What does “God-Driven” mean?

American Idol's Bo Bice puts Jesus Christ first in his Life – Special Christian Section

American Idol’s Bo Bice puts Jesus Christ first in his Life

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA (ANS) — Bo Bice, the long-haired Southern rocker who was the first runner-up in the fourth season of American Idol, says that despite his success, he puts Jesus Christ first in his life.