DUDES – “oh yeah! And Dudettes!” – Get Your DudesJerky ™

I’ve always been a jerky lover. I even get a kick out of The Jerky Boys. As a matter of fact, growing up as a teen, I was just one big jerky! Merging into my adult years, I had the great fortune of having all of my teeth pulled

Titanic 3D, Coming to Theaters, Biggest Fan Chance To Win Free Tickets

For the 100th anniversary of the real Titanic setting sail (April 10th), Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment will be releasing TITANIC 3D in Theaters …

Best of Hank Williams Jr. (ALL MY ROWDY FRIENDS) Launches From Curb Records March …

The package will feature 22 of Hank Jr.’s best songs that span decades of his high octane music making career, that includes high points such as Family Tradition, A Country Boy Can Survive, All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin’

God Is Bigger Than Elvis | Nun Attends The Academy Awards at The Kodak

Her first Academy Awards was in 1959; a starlet in movies with Elvis Presley. Then she left the her movie career behind to become a nun.

BREAKING NEWS: Republic of Wadya, Admiral General Aladeen Banned From The Oscars by The Academy of Motion Pictures and Zionists

February 24, 2012 – Republic of Wadya, Admiral General Aladeen presents a speech on the Today Show with Ann Curry and Al Roker. He spoke about his lack of rights, not being able to attend The Oscars in which he was banned from by The Academy of Motion Arts and Zionists. [ VIDEO ]

New York Fashion Week 2012 – Top 10 Twitters To Follow, Tory Burch Runway & Ashley Olsen

New York Fashion Week happens in February as well as September. Many fashion designers, A lot of fashion shows, and Much buzz around “fashion” online. Its now the time to get connected! Here are Top 10 Twitters To Follow for New York Fashion Week as well as some unique photography to share, and some videos related to The Fashion Industry …

"The Game Ball Goes To Eli Manning", Giants Take Down The Patriots & M&M's Get Naked in Super Bowl XLVI

You have to love a game that goes down to the last 5 seconds! The whole game was up and down and in the end, Patriots Tom Brady threw the ball into the end zone as the clock ticked down. A swarm of players leaped for it as everyone held their breath! … Read More About The Patriots, Giants, Eli Manning & Joe Montana …