“INFIDEL” Produced By D’Souza Media In Theaters September 18


“INFIDEL” Produced By D’Souza Media In Theaters September 18

You know Dinesh D’Souza as the creator of political documentaries, and his new documentary Trump Card will be released on video on demand October 9.

D’Souza and his wife Debbie are also executive producers on a feature film.


Infidel is a political thriller starring Jim Caviezel. It’s the riveting story of a patriotic, Christian man who gets caught up in the politics of radical Islam, both in America and abroad.

Written and directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh, Infidel is not a typical Hollywood movie.

In Hollywood movies the terrorists are usually Russian or Eastern European. This might be politically correct, but it’s fake storytelling because it doesn’t resemble the real world.

Infidel tells a story ripped from the headlines. It is a fictional narrative based on true events.

We need to challenge Hollywood’s monopoly and makes movies—not just documentaries but feature films—that tell our kinds of stories, and reflect our kinds of values. Patriotic, Christian values.

Infidel is such a film. Here’s the trailer!

Infidel opens in theaters on September 18. For details, go to Infidel911.com.

7 thoughts on ““INFIDEL” Produced By D’Souza Media In Theaters September 18”

  1. Do you sell the video on DVD? Theaters are not open where I live (Dem State). If so, I would like to purchase it.
    Thank you
    Carolyn Lowry

  2. Why is Infidel rated R? I love your movies Dinesh and all the ones I’ve viewed are rated PG-13. Why now the R rating for infidel? Can we not make a movie without cursing? I get the violence, but why F bombs and taking the Lords name in vain?

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