Compelling and Bold Film Proclaims that Protecting Patents and Intellectual Property Is Essential to Protecting our Freedoms


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Compelling and Bold Film Proclaims that Protecting Patents and Intellectual Property Is Essential to Protecting our Freedoms


Created by Ground Floor Video, the filmmaking team of Luke and Jo Anne Livingston (INVALIDATED), and executive produced by Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots Action, INNOVATION RACE shares a timely, dire warning of China’s commitment to using the weaknesses in our patent systems against us. While the film feels like the plot to a blockbuster political thriller, INNOVATION RACE exposes why this issue matters to all Americans, and is a reminder that there is no prize for second place.

Protection of inventions and intellectual property is guaranteed in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution. Yet these safeguards were weakened in 2011 after the America Invents Act passed, which opened up loopholes that have been exploited by not only China, but also Big Tech. There is an immediate need to amend this piece of legislation, or our country faces long-term consequences in the national security arena, on the economic front, and even in a terrifying loss of freedoms.

INNOVATION RACE features a who’s who of leadership in all phases of technology, innovation, national security, business leadership, intellectual property and patent law, and government, including:

Senator Chris Coons – Democrat, representing Delaware, serving on Foreign Relations, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, and Ethics Committees.

Congressman and Inventor Thomas Massie – Republican, Representing KY’s 4th district.

Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding (USAF, Ret) – CEO of SEMPRE, author of Stealth War, and War Without Rules.

Col. John Mills (Ret.) – National Security Professional, former director of cybersecurity policy, strategy, and international affairs at the Department of Defense, and Sr. Fellow at the Center for Security Policy.

Judge Paul Michel – Retired after 22 years of a lifetime appointment as Judge on the Federal Circuit to freely speak out about better patent policy and protection of intellectual property.

Laura Peter – Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Director of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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F. Scott Kieff – Fred C. Stevenson Research Professor and GW Law School, former Commissioner of the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Gordon Chang – Columnist, author, and Lawyer. Author of The Great U.S.-China Tech War.

Adam Mossoff – Professor of Law at Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University.

Jim Edwards – Expert on patent policy and Co-Director of the Inventor’s Project.

Gary Lauder – Venture capitalist, inventor, and managing director of Lauder Partners LLC.

Randy LandreauPresident of US Inventor.

Josh Malone – Inventor whose patent was stolen. Subject of the film INVALIDATED.

Steve Pearlman – Entrepreneur and investor, developer of QuickTIme, WebTV and other technologies.

Jonathan Betcher – President of Sharks Sports & Entertainment.

Adrian Pelkus – Inventor and Entrepreneur.

Donald Merino – Founder of Asia Patent Group, which has completed over 50 licensing deals with Chinese and Taiwanese companies.

Declan Ganley – Telecommunications entrepreneur. Chairman and CEO of Rivada Networks, a patented inventor and technology investor.

Jenny Beth Martin – co-founder and President of Tea Party Patriots, Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, and columnist for The Washington Times.

INNOVATION RACE is available to stream through Virtual Event Cinema. Please see for more information.