Spring Break Travel Wardrobe Help (When Travel Meets Fashion)


Houston, TX, March 22, 2011 –(PR.com)– Spring breakers now have a clever
tool to help them plan their vacation wardrobes for any destination.
Launched last fall, WeareverTheWeather.com is the first comprehensive
online tool that shows women what to wear based on the current temperature
and precipitation of any city around the world. The site also includes a
fashion and travel blog with in-depth tips on how to pack effectively and
stylishly for any trip or event.

The site’s easy-to-use My Stylist feature starts travelers on their road
to discovering what to wear. A user simply inputs a desired location or
destination, a date, and a type of occasion. My Stylist then pulls
together the perfect pieces for that location’s weather forecast. Users
can create hundreds of different outfits, save their creations, and print
and share them through email, Facebook, and Twitter. They can even buy
pieces they love by clicking on any of the items that My Stylist

The creator of the web site, Renae Virata, realized there was a need for
this kind of information while traveling for business in the US. She would
sometimes have to visit two or three different cities in a week. With a
background in fashion buying and event planning, Virata understood the
importance of looking stylish and wanted to be prepared no matter where
the destination or what the weather.

“Before I traveled, I always researched what to wear for my trips,”
explains Virata. “There were many websites that talked about what to wear
but didn’t show what to wear. I wanted to make sure that everything I
packed would help me dress not only stylishly but also comfortably.”

In talking with other travelers, she realized that people also had this
problem while planning their vacations, especially abroad, and the idea
for WeareverTheWeather.com was born.

“WeareverTheWeather.com now features the latest styles for spring from
favorite retailers such as French Connection, Arden B, and Delia’s in
addition to new favorites such as Boden and Nimli,” says Virata. “I hope
that my site helps students make their Spring Break preparation and travel
a little more fun and at the same time practical.”

Visit http://www.WeareverTheWeather.com or watch how it works at

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Renae Virata
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