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“I want people to talk about what God did for us” – Grant Taylor, Facing The Giants

GOD’S PREPARING ME TO DEFY GRAVITY! … The sky isn’t the limit! There is NO LIMIT to the success I will achieve. “I’m gonna get what’s comin’ to me. Da Heavens Chico & Everything In Em!

Hi, I’m Curt

I also go by middle name, Ray on some of my new social media accounts. 😉

… and I’m re-vamping my old Blogger Site to be my Offical Website Hub & Personal Blog Site. You can find this at !!!

curtis r bizelli
I didn’t want my BIO to be written by anybody else but ME. I created this site because I gained a passion for clean entertainment after joining When Magazine partnered with Music City executive Doug Deneve, around 2003. I worked up the ladder to Editor In Chief, Asst. Publisher, Talent Scout, Publicist, CMO & Vice President, quite quickly, but am no longer with that outlet. You could really call it a PURPOSE AND CALLING! I believe there is too much fowl and rubbish in the entertainment and media worlds, and it is our job to fix that. Nobody else is going to do it and it starts with one person, so

“Doug, I give you props! & I miss you Brother.”

With that being said, a little about me:
I grew up as an only child in St. Charles County, Missouri to my mother and stepfather living in the suburbs. I was never rich and never poor because of the LOVE WE HAD FOR ONE ANOTHER! My mom instilled Jesus in me at a young age however I rebelled and got into drugs and alcohol. It took awhile and finally those demons are behind me. Praise God! I’ve been writing poetry and songs as well doing some journalism for 28 years, since I was 8 years old. I play the drums. I have over 200 poems published online and in anthologies all over the world. I’ve been published by A New York Times Company and recognized by Evan Carmichael for being a Top PR Expert and a Top Twitter Influencer, but Shucks! Y’all know what happened to my Twitter I built since the tech giant’s “baby days” …? I had accumulated over 106K followers on that one main account and TWITTER SUSPENDED IT FOR LIFE because I spoke the TRUTH regarding Elite Pedophiles.

the truth powered by The TRUTH

I’ve gained  publicity for myself and Grammy Award-Winning clients running a marketing and PR agency, Manifest Your Dreams Strategic Communications – Publicity opening in 2009 (in 2022 changed to END TIMES PUBLIC RELATIONS) and going under a corporate d/b/a ALPHA BIZ GLOBAL 3.0. I also run another media outlet called Eternal Affairs Media that is centered around Conspiracy facts, Biblical Truths and Prophecy of the end times, what is going on the world today, survival and activism. I’m a huge Freedom Fighter. I started this in 2010 after I realized our whole lives take place inside A Matrix where every sector of our society has been infiltrated by corrupt, bad people who don’t worship OUR GOD, but entities The Bible has warned us about (Ephesians 6). We are taught what to believe by indoctrination in school, and then told to get a “Job” where we spend the rest of our lives giving our time to someone else and NEVER EVEN REALIZING GOD HAS A GREATER PURPOSE FOR US! It’s time to unplug. They call TV “Programming” for a reason. I’ll leave you with this, and then continue telling more about me … Search Engine or Google (whatever) the term “Operation Mockingbird” and use logic and discernment to come to your own conclusions. Research!

“the truth powered by The TRUTH”

I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies and I’ve cleaned out trash cans and worked at McDonalds. Overall, I worked in customer service, professional sales and marketing for at least 15 years, and Media & PR for about 17 years thus far.

I’ve also dabbled in The Criminal Justice field first being a Licensed Security Officer (Trained & Certified by the Eastern MO Law Enforcement Academy) in St. Louis County, MO & St. Charles County, MO. I did some volunteer work for the St. Peters PD at 19 years old via Explorer Post 9055 in exchange for training and experience!

More about my Media / PR career:

I’ve personally booked many celebrities and personalities for radio interviews in my past job at When Mag Radio as Producer / Director including but not limited to: Matthew Wilder, Sara Bareilles, Chief Justice Roy Moore, Lee Greenwood, Nise Davies, David Nixon, Andrea Pritchett, Gene Policinski, Annie Lobert, Stormy Montana, Ben Davies, Michael Card, Chenoa Alamu, Aaron Glenn, Katie Hurley, Shannen Fields, and Mama Jan Smith. I promote for Actors, Entertainers, Small Businesses, Politicians as well as Church Ministries.

curtis r bizelli tan sport coat

I’m a threat to “the establishment” for my outspoken voice against elite corruption, and that is rightfully so, because I am Highly Anointed to be doing what I am doing, and don’t forget … “I’m a scary judge of a talent” 😉

I’d love to get to know you, and if you have something you’d like us to read or publish, feel free to submit it.

Connect with me on social media, follow our RSS FEED and Subscribe to The Email Updates! other than that, Enjoy what you read, and BE BLESSED!

– Curt Bizelli – @TruCurtBizelli @WatchmanCBiz

(DANG IT! They just won’t stop suspending my social accounts!)

Try @AlphaBizelli & @EAMediaOnline & @EACleanVersion & @DreamsPublicity for now!!!

Always stomping on the little guy. Can never get ahead!

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