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Taylor Swift's SINGLE, “MINE,” RUSH Released To iTunes AND Country Radio | Official Press Release

Nashville, TN – August 4, 2010 – Due to overwhelming fan demand, Taylor Swift’s lead single, “Mine,” from her upcoming album, SPEAK NOW (in stores Oct. 25), has been rush released to iTunes and to Country radio.

An unauthorized low-quality mp3 file of …

Don’t Allow a Fear of Flying to Ground You | Conquering Your Fear of Flying!

Your mind is a very powerful instrument. When you think “what if” thoughts such as What if the engine fails? What if we hit rough turbulence? What if there is a snowstorm? What if something happens to the pilots? So many “what ifs” so little room to mention them all! Remember, what you resist will persist.

What Is The True Meaning of The Rainbow? | Our God’s Promise of Hope After The Rain


During the time of a righteous man named Noah, the world was just like our own time; taken over by a great deal of sin, but Noah was …