All Amazed by Ron White: The Nation's Number One Memory Expert


Ron White is the nation’s number one memory expert. He recently proved that at the 2010 USA Memory Championship in New York City when he won the championship for the second year in a row.  Ron says that winning the USA Memory Championship is a lot of hard work, but if most people put in the amount of work that he does, they could also win the tournament.  In 2009 he set the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the United States with one minute and twenty-seven seconds. To obtain this record, he was given a decks of cards and when the judge said, ‘You may begin NOW!’ the timer started and Ron picked up the cards scanning through them as fast as he could memorizing their sequence. One minute and twenty-seven seconds later he set the cards down and closed his eyes, mentally reviewing what he just saw.  He then picked up a second deck of cards and was given five full minutes to place that deck in the exact same order.  He did it and a new USA record was set.

Also, in 2009 Ron set a new USA record by memorizing 167 consecutive digits in only five minutes.

He says it all started for him in 1991 when, as an 18-year-old college
student, he took a memory course; it opened his eyes to the potential to
the human mind. Ever since Ron has been traveling the world teaching groups how improving their memory can help their businesses. 

At a conference he will shake up to 200 hands as they walk in the door and get everyone’s name.  Then, when on the stage, he will ask those 200 people to stand up and he will call off their names. If he gets it right they sit down. Many audience members say it looks like dominoes falling in a row.  If this is not enough to amaze the crowds, Ron then memorizes a sixty digit number that the group creates by shouting out numbers to him.

When asked who he gives this talk for, Ron replied, “Any association or
business that is having a conference is always looking for a fun speaker
that is going to amaze, but also give tangible tips to improve business.
I teach them to build relationships by remembering names and faces,
memorize product knowledge, give speeches without notes or even remember poems. The talk is ‘Triple Your Memory and Triple Your Business’.”

You can really see Ron’s eyes light up when he starts talking about
students. “If I could have just one hour with most students they would go
from feeling like they are poor test takers and dumb to feeling like they
are Albert Einstein. Teaching students this system is my passion.”

Ron joined the reserves after 9/11 and, when deployed, used these
techniques to perform his military duties more effectively and even taught
his unit in an informal training class.  Also, he took a break from
teaching seminars in 2007 when the US Navy deployed him to Afghanistan.

Ron ensures that he is no different than anyone else and we are all the greatest computers ever created.  Anyone can learn this technique if they just take the time to apply themselves.