CMT Films: Broken Bridges Starring Toby Keith, Featuring Willie Nelson

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Reviewer: Angie Simmons, Written By: Curtis Ray Bizelli & Caroline Brochet

Presented by: CMT Films

Toby Keith – Bo Price

Kelly Preston – Angela

Lindsey Haun – Dixie

Burt Reynolds – Frank

This magnificently acted drama was released in theaters on September 8, 2006. A bittersweet story of former high school sweethearts, Bo and Angela, returning home after the deaths of their younger brothers.

The film marks Toby Keith’s feature film debut in a starring role.

Bo’s brother, Kyle, dies in a catastrophic engine failure accident while he’s in the army. There are 21 solders confirmed dead and 5 of them are from Armor Springs, Tennessee. Angela unintentionally finds out about the turmoil on the news when she arrives home from work. She immediately calls her mom, and her mom wants her to come for the funeral, but her dad is insistent upon her not being there. In his eyes, she appears to be a problem for the entire family.

Angela is skeptical of going back to her home town in Armor Springs where she grew up, however finally decides to go because her mom needs her. Everyone she knows in Armor Springs calls her Angel.

Bo Price (Toby Keith) a down and out country singer is forced to face his past after the death of his brother and also returns home to find his high school sweetheart, Angela (Kelly Preston). He then finds out he has a 16 year old daughter named Dixie (lindsey Haun) and meets her for the first time.

Bo asked one of his good buddies, (Willie Nelson) if he would come do a tribute to recognize the fallen solders that died from Armor Springs, Tennessee. At this tribute for the fallen soldiers, he and Willie Nelson (as himself ) sang some songs. Bo even called his daughter Dixie up on stage to sing her a song which was called “Broken”.

Broken Bridges takes you back to small town America (representative scenery of several small towns in Georgia)

where important things matter like family, country and duty, and shows that sometimes by going back, you really can move forward. As Bo and Angela fall in love again, you’re bound to fall in love with the movie.

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Directed by Steve Goldman and written by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld, this 105 minute drama is rated PG 13 for some sexual content and teen drinking.

Finally, a movie without profanity or violence, with great acting and wonderful singing. It is overall a must see … good message movie … and great soundtrack!

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