High School Musical (Review – 2006) | The Original HSM Cast from Disney!

When Magazine has completed reviews on all of the HSM (High School Musical) movies, the entire teen trilogy. We’ve went backwards in the sense that we started with TWO, then THREE and now I’m finishing it up by taking a glimpse back into the year 2006 for High School Musical ONE (the original from Disney).

"I See You" – AVATAR – Movie Review (2009)

“Avatar” is first and foremost visually stunning. Many images in the movie are completely breathtaking. When the scenes of Pandora at night come on screen you will hear mummers of awe from all the spectators at the cinema.

Letters To God Movie Review – Thanks to "HOSFU"

When I was asked by Possibility Pictures publicist, Fred Williams, if HOSFU would be interested in screening the film Letters to God, I was ecstatic. So recently, while in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I put the movie on the screen of the Hilton boardroom and opened up my laptop to take notes.

What followed was an hour and fifty-three minutes of cinematic goodness, based on a true story.

Review of FIREPROOF by Sherwood Pictures: A movie faithfully fueled by God!

Released September 26, 2008, by Sherwood Pictures, this drama/love story is a must see for marriages.

Filmed in Albany, GA, with a $500,000 production budget, Fireproof was made entirely by volunteers (the same faithfully driven individuals that created “Facing The Giants.”) Through prayer, members of Sherwood Baptist Church were called upon to make a movie about the trials and tribulations of marriage.

Facing the Giants – Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs – one cannot help but be moved by this Movie!

“Facing the Giants” takes you on a wild, spiritual filled journey into the heart of a man of God and reminds us that with faith all things are possible.