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I loss 40 lb. in about five months, and I’m not done yet. Due to compassion given to me by God, I’m going to share with you (today) what I did to make the biggest impact on my health as well as confidence … something that you too can achieve if you change your “mindset”Curtis Ray Bizelli


Furthermore, what you hear here is nothing that you’ll hear elsewhere. Be prepared to possibly get ticked off at me for telling you like it is. Its time somebody tells you the truth! The Good News, I won’t ask you for a dime. Put away your wallet. If you have ears, May you just listen!common-sense-diet

What was my “trick” or what was the “fad diet” that led to my success in losing all these pounds, lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure, and making me feel one hundred times better?



Unfortunately, Most Americans no longer have enough common sense to even understand what “common sense” is … Let me spell it out for you … This is the factual side.

Americans have the largest obesity rate in the world with many Americans either no longer caring about their health, putting wealth before health, or simply not knowing what to do (losing all hope). Does this sound familiar?

Its pitiful that this has to happen, because we are all animals with a survivalist instinct. We, Americans have loss site of what really matters in our lives holistically. We are blinded by the TV, Newspapers and the rest of mainstream media that straight-out lies to us. We take it and don’t do a thing, but worry and have fear. (God says in The Bible over 365 times, “Thou shall not fear” … have trust in Him for He is God. The world is Not God and “it shall perish“).


We think that the next “big thing” may be our answer to shedding the pounds and finally gaining some sense of security in our self-esteems. The truth is the answer we’re looking for all along doesn’t lie “out there” … it lies “within us” … It lies “within you”, not as an American, not as “who you think are or how you perceive yourself” BUT IN WHO GOD SAYS YOU ARE!

This “thing” that lies within you and me is called willpower, and the will to survive, because truth be told, if you continue to eat all the cheeseburgers and french fries, you’re going to die. I never said I wasn’t going to be honest. We need more honesty in this world. That is what is wrong with Americans. They are afraid to face the truth, go a little inch to learn the truth, or go two inches to make a salad instead of picking up the hamburger in which they don’t even have the three inch capacity to look up how many calories are in the burger to begin with, yet … all along … they still sit on the couch and complain about being overweight.


Walk with me on my journey to going from 230 lb. / 30% body fat to 190 lb. / 20% body fat at 27 years of age (and I’m not done yet).

I’m sure you’ve gotten the idea so far that I’m not going to blow smoke … la la la.

But I Wasn’t Always Fat!!!

I was always a hard gainer in high school. I took formal classes in Weight Training, Judo, Tai Kwon Do and Jujitsu. I was always active with a high metabolism. The top weight I could ever achieve was 140 pounds.



Many would have thought of me as “blessed” and maybe I was just that. I never thought for one instant I would end up fat and overweight, but that notorious day came, and it snuck up on me like a shadow in the night, soon consuming me with dread, fear and insecurity. Can you relate to those feelings?

At first, I blamed it on medicines, eventually realizing that even IF medicines were to blame, sitting around and pouting about it would not fix my situation. Only I could do that!

After many hours sitting in the office trying to obtain wealth & success, I lost site of what really mattered the most, my relationship with God, my family and, yes, my health!


I decided that it was time (like countless of others have done in their lifetime) to be the man that I did not ONLY WANT TO BE, BUT THE MAN I WAS CALLED TO BE.

I’ve always been a leader, trotting my own way in life. I thought, “How am I supposed to lead others when I’m not a good example of the savior, perfect in all aspects?”
… nobody is perfect; nobody will ever be perfect or live up to God’s standards. That is where we find faith & strength in Jesus Christ that died for us, but that is no excuse to lay there and allow yourself to die by your own will and choosing (or “maybe” lack of will).

For its not God’s will for you to be inferior, unhealthy or to lack success. Its not God or outside circumstances holding you back. Its yourself and your perceptions on those things.

Its time that Christians stand up and become leaders. Its time that Non-Believers stand up and become leaders as well.

But, we Christians talk about faith all the time and then we go out and find the job with the most security in it, while all along piling on the pounds and never amounting to anything. (I’m sorry, but that’s the stone cold truth, and I’m sure, if you have eyes, you can see it too). The good news is it does NOT have to be this way. It takes one person to change the world and it CAN be YOU.

So, where did I start?

I sought knowledge in the field of health & fitness. 😉


There is no excuse for lack of intelligence. The internet is a vast knowledge base of information. You can find anything online nowadays. To me, college is a scam, but that’s beside the point. So I started researching ways to improve my health & fitness. (not the “thing” that normally a person would tell you to do if you’re wanting to lose weight … but remember 😉 This is The Common Sense Diet).

Americans have lost all Common Sense, it feels sometimes. We can get angry or have compassion. I choose the latter which is why I’m writing this article for the billions of people out there that need to make transformations to their health. I pray it does not ONLY open up your eyes to the truth within your own understanding, but also the truth in The Spirit. I pray it shows you the possibilities when God is on your side and provides you with “just enough” inspiration to get you going in the right direction.

Your diet and exercise regimen is very important to your success and we’ll get into tips later on. I, first want you to recognize that the problem is not your body, but your mind. Everything in creation has started in a person’s mind. Its been an idea or a thought that has manifested into what you perceive as reality. (or what we know as reality).

Thank God I’m finally getting back in touch with these very important aspects of life. I’m learning it takes balance, structure and discipline … things I’m still acquiring day by day.

… and You Can Too …

I’m going to lay out an entire series of tips to help you regain your health, but first …

Here are some tips to get you started thinking correctly:

  • Stop blaming outside circumstances for where you are today and take action for your own health. (Its not too late).
  • Get back in touch with your “dreams” … these are the things you used to stand in front of a campfire as a child and contrast in your mind “who you are now and who you’d like to become” (again … Its not too late).
  • Stop looking at “losing weight” as a one week or one month thing. it’s a lifestyle change that lasts a lifetime!
  • Face the fact that you are going to have to make sacrifices. Don’t give in to “BS” claims that you’ve been fooled by time and time again … which leads to the next …
  • “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is defined as INSANITY” !!!
  • I never told you this was going to be easy. Know that it never will be. That is life! .. But He is With You Always!

Bizelli February 2012 common sense diet

next time I will have some tangible exercise & diet tips for you to follow (exactly what I did to lose 40 pounds, 10% body fat, and regain my confidence). I feel so much better and so much more optimistic about my future, no longer worrying if I’m going to die of heart failure at a young age.

IN THE MEANTIME, “MOVE MORE, EAT LESS”, for this is: The Common Sense Diet!!!

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