DUDES – “oh yeah! And Dudettes!” – Get Your DudesJerky ™

DUDES – “oh yeah! And Dudettes!” – Get Your DudesJerky ™


Honest “pros & cons” review of Jerky Direct provided by Chris Patterson, DudesJerky

By Curtis Ray Bizelli


I’ve always been a jerky lover. I even get a kick out of The Jerky Boys. As a matter of fact, growing up as a teen, I was just one big jerky! Merging into my adult years, I had the great fortune of having all of my teeth pulled, going through countless gagging and eventually wearing dentures at the age of TWENTY ONE! Yes! 21!

Anyway, My jerky days were kissed “goodbye” … until …

I met a cool, online DUDE, named Chris Patterson. He’s a distributor for Jerky Direct and has branded his company as Dudes Jerky. Years went by and I didn’t order anything, but the day came when I got a little curious. I asked Chris about his products carefully weighing the options.

This is what he told me,  “Jerky Direct provides the best all-natural beef, buffalo, chicken, and turkey jerky.”

“Ha Ha, Turkey Jerky”, I thought. Let’s give him a chance. He continued, “Many of the products contain no preservatives, no added MSG, no nitrites, no Erythorbate, no artificial ingredients, and are only minimally processed. The Jerky is handmade in our USDA certified smokehouse using superior quality top round beef. It’s seasoned with our secret blend of spices, and slow smoked to perfection with real burning hickory.”

DUDE! You gotta speak in my language!

So here it goes, in my words, an honest review, the pros & cons:

I finally suckered up the courage to try some of his beef jerky. I ordered the extra tender due to my denture issue. To my surprise, Jerky was back in my life for good. For the same price, if not less than what is offered in stores, you can receive higher quality jerky in all sort of flavors and varieties. One thing I like about Jerky Direct’s beef jerky is that its very low in sodium unlike what you’ll find in stores. This is beneficial especially to those who have hypertension (“aka” high blood pressure).

I also like that the jerky is high in fiber and protein, something I had been trying to “up” in my diet for quite awhile. And I’m not just talking about the protein you find in “regular jerky” but about twice as much, I believe.

Its low in cholesterol and only a $2 shipping expense gets 2 bags to your door. Amazing!

So, I have a lot to say in good respects about this jerky, but for it to be an honest review, as hard as it is, I must state some dislikes.

Well, unfortunately, I can only think of one downside and that is, I am personally stuck buying the Extra Tender. I cannot try anything else due to my teeth. (however, this doesn’t effect you if you do not wear dentures. You can try all of the flavors & varieties)

So maybe not a downside for you, but it was for me. Now I have more good to say about Chris Patterson and his company, Dudes Jerky itself.

Chris Patterson has excellent business ethics and great moral. He doesn’t sell anybody short and he doesn’t sell himself short. I respect this man for always going “above and beyond” to provide superior customer service. One time to show that I was a valued customer, he even sent me a few bags for free. “I Love You Man” he he … don’t tell him I told you that 😉

Check out www.DudesJerky.com – I highly recommend the jerky as well as the company providing it. That’s the honest pro & con truth!

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