"The Game Ball Goes To Eli Manning", Giants Take Down The Patriots & M&M's Get Naked in Super Bowl XLVI


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By Denise Miller

You have to love a game that goes down to the last 5 seconds!
The whole game was up and down and in the end, Patriots Tom Brady
threw the ball into the end zone as the clock ticked down. A swarm of
players leaped for it as everyone held their breath! The ball bounced away
and the Giants won!

The game could have gone either way.



Both teams played well and the Pats were winning before half time. But Eli Manning led his team to score an uncontested touchdown with only 57 seconds left on the clock. The Patriots just couldn’t score again, although if they caught the ball in the end, it would have been their win.

The game was reminiscent of four years ago when these teams met at the super Bowl.

The Giants ruined a perfect season for the Pats then and defeated them now.

In 2008 Manning made a scoring pass to Placido Burress with 35 seconds left, leading to the Giants win.

Eli Manning is now an elite quarterback with two Super bowl MVP awards, the same as Tom Brady of the Patriots , not just Peyton’s little brother.

Eli Manning became the fifth quarterback in NFL history to win multiple Super bowl MVP awards, alongside Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr and Joe Montana. Winning his second NFL championship in four years, he gave credit to his teammates in interviews. “This isn’t about one person; it’s about one team, a team coming together”. Manning is also known for comebacks, notably steering the Giants back after losing five of six games in the season, falling to 7-7. From there, they won the last two regular season games which got them into the playoffs. As NFC East Champions they had four post season wins in a row. Manning finished the post season with nine touchdowns and only one interception.

Manning said “It’s been a wild game, a wild season”. “Wild” is right, an uncharacteristic safety on Brady on the Patriot’s first play; a spectacular sideline catch  by Giants’ Mario Manningham on the winning drive; and the Patriots desperate throw into the end zone on the final play.

Manning led six comeback victories during the season and set an NFL record with 15 fourth quarter touchdown passes.

This was the kind of game even non football fans will watch; exciting, close, and full of the valor of two obviously great teams. Congratulations to the Giants on their fourth Super bowl title!

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