The Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition 2011 Cycle X Call for Entries Has Begun


The Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition, in existence since
2006, has announced their 10th Cycle and opened the 2011 call for entries.
Short and feature scripts accepted. Back and bigger than ever, Gimme
Credit has streamlined and focused the prizes to create the most benefit
for the winners. Complimentary feedback is given to all entrants.

Los Angeles, CA, March 24, 2011 --( The Gimme Credit
International Screenplay Competition
( was created to provide exposure
and development advice to as many writers as possible. Their mission is to
bring new and unique voices to the table. Recognizing a lack of distinct
voices in the screenplays being produced, GSISC devoted their competition
to finding brilliant feature scripts and developing them with the winners
to ensure they are production ready.

Features: Gimme Credit has a network of associates at production companies
who are constantly on the lookout for the next great script and they hope
to bring it to them. Unlike many other competitions, GCISC works with
their feature winners for months to get their scripts polished and edited
and their selling materials in order to greatly increase their chances of
success. While they don’t make the promise of production or sales for
their feature winners, they do promise to submit the scripts to their
qualified entertainment industry contacts and provide professional, honest
development advice.

Screenplays are judged in the following eight genre categories: Comedy,
Drama, Action, Family, Musicals, Horror & Thriller, Science Fiction &
Fantasy and Other Genres.

Each category will have finalists (provided quality scripts are submitted
in each genre). Then, four winners will be chosen from all of the
finalists and will be submitted to production companies, agents and
managers for consideration.

Shorts: Short and Super Short (a category originated at Gimme Credit)
winners receive a lifetime membership in their exclusive ScriptMatch
network, where they match screenplays to qualified filmmakers looking for
production-ready short scripts. They ensure the production company seeking
the script has the talent and funds to be able to produce a professional,
polished film (no no-budget video shoots for YouTube) because they firmly
believe that brilliant scripts deserve brilliant filmmakers.

Deadlines and entry fees are as follows:

$44 (by March 8, 2011)
$49 (by June 7, 2011)
$54 (by September 6, 2011)
$59 (by October 26, 2011)

$29 (by March 8, 2011)
$34 (by June 7, 2011)
$39 (by September 6, 2011)
$44 (by October 26, 2011)

Super Shorts:
$14 (by March 9, 2011)
$19 (by July 20, 2011)
$24 (by September 21, 2011)
$29 (by October 26, 2011)

All writers receive feedback on their scripts following the announcement
of the winners. Gimme Credit’s unwavering commitment to helping writers
succeed was the foundation for their complimentary feedback policy. The
notes provide direction and guidance to entrants and also serve as proof
that their script has been read. Should writers wish for more in-depth
coverage of their scripts, they may purchase it at a discount from the
Gimme Credit Coverage Service with their entry to the competition.

The top four winning feature screenplays are circulated to established
production companies, agents and managers for consideration.

The top winners in each category, Super Shorts, Shorts and Features, also
receive one 10-Day Class from and Final Draft. All
winners receive a plethora of prizes from Gimme Credit’s generous sponsors
targeted to help writers advance their craft and their careers. Additional
sponsors include Scripped, Scrivener, Script Pipeline, Great Dialogue
Software and Venice Arts with new sponsors being added regularly.

Enter at

Contact Information
Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition
Erica Engelhardt
[email protected]


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