For the Women! 4 Body Types & Dressing for The Right One – Tips!

4 Body Types & Dressing for The Right One – Tips!
Kathryn Hodorek

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Creativity and attractiveness in our clothing and accessories is the essence of fashion design, and each of us is our own fashion designer.  We need to consider whether or not a design is in style as well as the practicality and functionality of the outfit.  The material, the season, the occasion, and the time of day will also play a part in our choices.  We all want to choose a look that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while keeping in mind our own skin tone, hair length, and body shape.

Today, we’re going to focus on body shape and how to choose clothing that will compliment our figures.

First, the apple body type has an upper body larger than the lower half.  You will have wide shoulders and a large bust line, but your arms may be slim. You will have small hips and reasonably thin legs.  When you gain weight, it is mostly in the upper and central regions of your body.  For this type, choose a tunic-style tee shirt that is slightly flared below the chest to cover a chubby waist comfortably.  The flare will draw attention to the hips.  An empire waist shirt, where the waistline is higher than the actual waistline, is another option. With this, you avoid the “muffintop” paunch.  Avoid wearing skinny jeans or trousers since that would draw attention to your waist.  Instead, wear trousers with a wide leg to compensate for the heavy upper body.  Keep it loose and simple with less details, and avoid heavy pockets.

Capri pants with wide legs are another option.  For skirts, choose full-length as miniskirts will overemphasize the upper body.  This will provide some balance and give you a slim appearance.  Opt for pleated styles and well fitting skirts to bring attention away from the tummy.  Also, pencil skirts are a huge no-no for you.

Shoes should accentuate the slim lines of your legs.  For evenings out, a stiletto-heeled sandal with delicate straps is a good option.  For everyday comfort, try kitten heels (where the heel is a maximum of two inches high).  A heavier heel, such as a wedge, will smooth out your overall figure.

To hide your tummy, try a waistcoat over a sleeveless tee shirt, keeping in mind that you want to focus on your assets.  Avoid clingy fabrics, and choose an interesting neckline.

Next, the pear shape woman has a narrow upper body with a heavier bottom and thighs.  You should choose dresses that accentuate the upper part of the body and draws attention away from the lower areas.

Skirts should help to slim down the bottom area, such as ones that taper toward the ankle in a dark shade.  Avoid ones that flare from the waist.  Keep your trousers in dark colors, with patterns that widen toward the ankles.  For tops and jackets, look for ones that have a lot of detail, and team it with a chunky necklace.

Our third body shape is the boyish/athletic shape.  This refers to women with an overall narrow figure, where weight is evenly distributed.  You can wear dresses with lots of ruffles – typical feminine dresses that increase the overall volume of the body.  Choose layered skirts with floral prints, adding layers or detailing if you desire.  Lucky you – you can safely wear skinny jeans and fitted trousers.  Team it with stylish boots and complete the amazing look!

For tops, go for the sporty tops as well as layered clothing.  Tops with ruffles as well as jackets with zany graphics or added pockets can bring out your best!

Our last body type is the hourglass shape.  This person has a narrow waist with a well proportioned upper and lower body – a dream come true for some of us!  You can wear any kind of dress – whether fitted or flowing.  A well-fitted skirt such as the pencil skirt with side slits looks great on this shape.  Experiment with various fabrics and colors.  Jeans or trousers that are more on the fitted side work well for this shape, including low-waist jeans. Tops with V-necks suit you well, and clingy fabrics accentuate the waistline.

These fashion tips will help you dress your best so you feel good about yourself and are comfortable in your own skin.  Add your own personality, have fun with it, and life is good!