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Faith in Action: INFUSION

by Anonymous Contributing Writer



There are many “gurus” that trumpet the concept that positive thinking will get you “anything you want in life.” Is this really true?

Zig Ziglar, one of the most famous positive thinkers of the last twenty years believes positive thinking is certainly better than negative thinking, but it certainly can’t “turn a basketball player into a jockey” (as he shared with us many years ago)…no matter how much positive thinking is done by the basketball player.

Your thoughts can certainly begin to alter your course in life but if you never put action to those thoughts, your final destination will not be in alignment with them. You will never see the fulfillment of your “positive thoughts.”

The “thought” that Wattles refers to in the above quote is much more than just a thought as we typically would define it. He is referring to a focus or a certain concentration that is only attained through a more powerful force than just forming a simple mental picture in your head.

This “thought” requires persistence, determination and focus. You have heard of the “why” factor? It is a purpose that keeps someone heading in a direction when all else seems to say “no.” Wattle’s “thought” is closer akin to this big “why” that keeps people heading down the path to their dreams and goals.

To a person trying to get physically fit, their “why” could involve the concepts of having more energy to play with their grandkids or to finish a marathon or to overcome a disability or a disease or the like.

To an entrepreneur, their great desire to succeed could be to have more freedom in life or to develop into a person who influences others to change their lives or something similar.

If you are like most people however…you have never been able to connect with your big “why.” I believe there is a very typical reason for this…

You are looking through the wrong eyes. “What?”, you say. The one missing ingredient in most people’s lives is the ingredient of Faith. Paul Klaszus, a leader in personal development and business, understands this aspect exceptionally well.

You see…when you are only looking with you natural eyes…at those things that you can touch and feel…then you have not actually been able to tap into a much more powerful realm. This realm is the unseen. It is the realm of dreams, hopes, desires and passions that go well beyond the world of sight and sound.

This realm can only be accessed through Faith. But just as thought is not enough so Faith is not enough. James, in the Bible, says something powerful to this effect: “Dear brothers and sisters, what’s the use of saying you have faith if you don’t prove it by  your actions?” (James 2: 14 NLT)

What this means is that Faith alone (which is much more powerful than thought alone) is a dead end road. However, Faith Infused with Action is the secret key to unlocking the ability to create that life that has only been in the far recesses of your mind to this point.

Paul Klaszus has put together an audio series called Infusion (with a workbook) that literally helps you a step at a time … unlock this secret of Faith and Infuse it with Action. It is a tremendously powerful tool that when listened to multiple times will help you begin to see with eyes that are much more clear than your physical eyes. You will begin to see how Faith and Action combine to actually create new realities for yourself.

If you are reading this you already understand this concept in its infancy. It took Faith to read this far. But remember Faith without Action is Dead. It will get you nowhere. I would highly recommend you take Action Right Now and check out Paul Klaszus’ Infusion series. It may just be the thing that changes your life.

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