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hongkong1Traveling to the Far East is popular for many people, and of those places, a popular destination is “without a doubt” Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is an administrative region of China, formerly a British Crown colony. It encompasses 422 sq. mi. (1092 sq. km.) The estimated population in 2005 was a whopping 6,899,000.

Hong Kong is situated in southeast China, on the estuary of the Pearl River. The region comprises Hong Kong Island, (ceded by China in 1842 under the treaty of NANJING) Kowloon and the “New Territories,” a mountainous region between the Deep Bay on the west and the Mirs Bay to the east side.

Hong Kong also includes 235 islands.

China regained sovereignty of the colony on July 1, 1997.

Hong Kong is governed by the “Basic Law” approved in 1990 by the National People’s Congress of China”. The capitol is officially named Victoria but is known as Hong Kong. hongkong2

Hong Kong has one of the world’s finest natural harbors and most of the population lives on or near the beautiful, sheltered, deepwater port, which is a bustling trade center.

98% of the people are Chinese and since there are substantial British and American communities, English is widely spoken.

Hong Kong has one of the greatest trading and transshipping centers in East Asia. It is a shipping and banking emporium. The main industries are Textile and Garment. They also have a variety of manufacturing of electronics, appliances, jewelry, toys, tools, ship- building and other heavy industries.

Tourism is also a major source of revenue. While sitting on a port, Hong Kong has grown to be a beautiful modern city with a mix of the old culture ever present. Mountainous views of the harbor compliment the crisp, glass modern buildings of the city. So, if you go there, you will see Ancient Chinese Culture amid beautiful modern landscapes. The best months of the year to go are March, April and May.

Go see the beautiful “Victoria Peak” the most notable landmark and a ritzy residential area. It has a tropical climate, you can choose to walk around the bottom of the mountain or take the “Peak Tram” to the top, (the steepest in the world!).

At the top, there are magnificent views of Macau and the outer islands along Aberdeen Harbor. You can also visit the Happy Valley Racing park- horse racing track.

A popular point of interest is the Yuen Po Street Bird Market, where hundreds of songbirds tweet in elaborate mahogany cages as handlers feed them.

The Hong Kong Museum of Art has over 14,000 artifacts and changing exhibits.

Day trips to the various islands are popular and there is shopping galore all over the city!

Famous stops are the “Cat Street Market” and “Causeway Bay”. Restaurants of a wide variety abound and nightlife including shows and clubs are plentiful. Dress to Impress!

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