Akiane: Artist and Poet – Child Prodigy Extraordinarily Blessed By God

Ellen St. Peter – Writer and Executive Interviewing Reporter

The innocence of childhood is like a piece of heaven on earth. There is a precious and gifted young girl named Akiane who is a beautiful example of this. She has been painting amazing works of art since the age of eight. Now twelve she is coming into the public view more with wonderful things to say to us all. She eloquently says, “People who are bored or don’t do anything her advice is to go outside and look at what God created.” These are the words spoken by what she herself calls a “Normal kid with big dreams.” Seeing her goals in ten years as world traveling while building Schools, Churches and Orphanages.

Her artwork started with painting an angel she saw for real standing next to her. Advancing to pictures of things she has seen and others not but always painted in a realistic manner. Although she has tried painting in other ways than realistic she says her pictures always have realism by the end of her finishing the painting. Her favorite size to paint now is 48 X 60, which is no small accomplishment. What is pressing on her mind when she is painting she says is varying. Sometimes she is frustrated having to struggle painting more so she will take a break to calm down then paint again with more progress. She is, “one with God”, while in the act of painting. Preferring to have music playing while she is painting. Often she plays upbeat music on her radio to get her energized and into the act of painting faster. If she is feeling sad she will then play a little plain piano music while she paint. The painting soothes her spirit. Without music she cannot paint. To Akiane the two go together.


She has feelings and thoughts connected to each color which she acknowledges are God sent such as “Blue: the color of the mind” and “Red: the color of love” both her favorite colors. “Yellow: the color of energy (like the sun)” and “Orange: the color of listening (like sunsets – quiet listening time of day).”

She expresses herself creatively in other forms such as her poetry that is in her books with pictures of her paintings. Her poems come to her in different ways – some blurry puzzles that form gradually – others quickly complete. She is creatively gifted in further ways too branching out to music playing the piano, sometimes singing. Speaking four languages as well! Akiane’s three brothers just understand their sister is a painter since she has been painting since six and drawing at four. They are a very close family with the rare, but normal disagreements with her siblings. Having been raised in a variety of environments and school type settings, her advice to children as well as others is to be creative and do not quit even if struggling. “Always imagine completing”, Akiane proclaims!

Her thoughts on God are simple and beautiful saying God comes in different forms sometimes male, other times female, sometimes it can be a bird, or another animal. Her atheistic parents, because of Akiane’s bless talent to paint and her deep convictions about God, were inspired as a family to become believers of God.

Describing her personal convictions about God as very strong she shared these thoughts with her parents who then became aware of what she was telling them. She sees her painting as a gift from God. I see her as a gift from God to all of us, and a remarkable inspirational girl.

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