Christy … Has a "Paper Dream" of The American Family

American Family Studios is proud to present a story of hope in the midst of difficult circumstances. Do unfulfilled dreams define who we are, or is God enough to give us fulfillment?

The Lord Speaks On Occupy Wall Street & Man's Corruption & Control (When Its TIME To Be FACTUAL "Editorial")

God controls everything yet man has tried to outdo God in many ways. Man’s weaknesses are to be taken seriously.

Facing the Giants – Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs – one cannot help but be moved by this Movie!

“Facing the Giants” takes you on a wild, spiritual filled journey into the heart of a man of God and reminds us that with faith all things are possible.

Peter Lowe's International Success Seminars – our own CEO had an altar call with Peter Lowe in 2001 – Faith, Persistence & God!

Peter Lowes International Success Seminars

“With every step Doug took as he made his way from the high peaks of the auditorium and to the stage, a huge spotlight shone down to guide his way. Peter stopped and spoke to him in front of all the attendees!”