The Run Down Review on "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Zones (2004)

is a drama/comedy that takes place at a JFK airport terminal in New York City. Viktor Navorski (Hanks) is scheduled to depart to his native east European country of Krakozhia, but finds out that a revolution and civil unrest has broken

Salt with Angelina Jolie (2010 – Movie Review) | "Who is Salt?"

“Who Is Salt?” The perfect tagline and a question that bugs you for 100 minutes through “Salt” and will for days after seeing it. It is so refreshing to see a smart action film, one that combines great special effects, a smart script, and a tough female lead. It is rare that

Toy Story 3 (Review – 2010) | "Pixar Has Done It Again"

The story continues with Andy no longer the imaginative little boy he was. He is now grown up and ready to head off to college and leave all of his beloved toys behind. After a mix up, Buzz, Jessie, Mr & Mrs Potato Head, and the gang find themselves at Sunnyside Day-Care Center where they hope to be loved and cherished by generations of children except

High School Musical 2 (Review – 2008): The Reviewing of the Viewing of High School Musical 2!

It’s summer vacation and the Wildcats (otherwise known as East High students) are counting down the seconds until they are free. Of course, most of them are hoping to find summer jobs and so far having no luck. All of that changes when Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) gets offered a job at Lava Springs, the local country club.

High School Musical (Review – 2006) | The Original HSM Cast from Disney!

When Magazine has completed reviews on all of the HSM (High School Musical) movies, the entire teen trilogy. We’ve went backwards in the sense that we started with TWO, then THREE and now I’m finishing it up by taking a glimpse back into the year 2006 for High School Musical ONE (the original from Disney).

"I See You" – AVATAR – Movie Review (2009)

“Avatar” is first and foremost visually stunning. Many images in the movie are completely breathtaking. When the scenes of Pandora at night come on screen you will hear mummers of awe from all the spectators at the cinema.

Letters To God Movie Review – Thanks to "HOSFU"

When I was asked by Possibility Pictures publicist, Fred Williams, if HOSFU would be interested in screening the film Letters to God, I was ecstatic. So recently, while in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I put the movie on the screen of the Hilton boardroom and opened up my laptop to take notes.

What followed was an hour and fifty-three minutes of cinematic goodness, based on a true story.