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By Curtis R Bizelli (@curtbizelli)




A whopping 111 million people tuned into The Packers & Steelers last year in 2011. Forecasters are predicting that Super Bowl Sunday 2012 will be the most watch television event of the entire year! What does this say about America?

Not downplaying entertainment by any means (I hope the Patriots win), BUT …
We need to pay more attention to things that matter like Health & Family!

You very much may be with family on Super Bowl Sunday, but What Will You Be Eating? How Much? 😉

I think it takes more effort for the average American to lay down the cheeseburger & fries than it did for me to look up the statistics for US Obesity, in which most Americans are also too lazy to do  (sorry to bust your bubble, just speaking the truth)!

No Worries – I conducted the search for you 😉
According to WIN ( 68 Percent of US Adults Over 20 years of age are overweight or obese having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25 or greater. This is terribly discerning especially considering our economy isn’t any better.


Most Importantly, Take Action for your health and your family’s health! Here are 5 tips for Super Bowl Sunday and Beyond:

  1. Use a smaller plate and don’t fill it up all the way (portion control is “key for success”).
  2. Put your fork down between bites (this allows proper digestion and fullness quicker so you don’t overeat).
  3. Drink Diet Soda instead of Regular. Makes a Big Difference. (this goes for BEER TOO).
  4. Eating “Light” foods actually does make a a huge difference when you add them up over the day compared to their counterparts that have full fat and calories.
  5. Less Chips, More Chilli Cheese Dip … If you incorporate a pre & post workout, The Protein in Chill & Cheese is much “better for you” than the “carbohydrates” in Chips.


…. And read our Health Articles … here at – Most importantly of all, Take Action Now for your own health and your children’s health. A great free tool to monitor and calculate calorie intake and expenditure is at – I’ve been using it personally for almost a year and I’m already down 40 pounds. If somebody asks me how I did it. I tell them I did it with the “Common Sense Diet”. Eat Less, Move More … I’ve heard it said. Basically, it doesn’t matter what you’re eating as long as you eat less calories than you burn with proper aerobic exercise and strength training.

Of course, I do not recommend the Reese’s Diet, even though it is possible to lose weight on it.

I try to fill my diet (or better said “meal plan”) with 50% carbohydrates / 30% protein / 20% fat with less than 7% saturated. I also concentrate on high fiber, low sodium and cholesterol, taking a once daily multivitamin. (If these terms sound ‘Foreign’ don’t worry, we’ve got you’ve covered. Just go the website we mentioned above and sign up for a free account. It does all the counting & calculating for you with an entire social experience.)

“Don’t Cheat Yourself, Treat Yourself”

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