2011 World Series – Were You Rooting For The Rangers?

2011 World Series –
St. Louis Cardinals win 11th World Series Title – Were You Rooting For The Rangers? … They just couldn’t keep up …

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By Denise Miller


St. Louis Cardinals won a nail biting series over the Texas Rangers in game seven with a 6-2 lead. The whole series was a great example of why we love baseball so much. Both the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals played their hearts out every game, each inching over the other in alternate leads and ties to force game seven.

Game one was 3-2 with St. Louis in front. In game two, Texas came up and won 2-1, tying the series. Game three was action packed: 16-7 and the Cards were in front again. Game four, Texas came back 4-0 and tied the series again. Game five: 4-2 and Texas was in the lead! Then came game six. The Cards Freese hit a 2 run RBI, Texas’ Pujols had a 3 run homer, everyone was on the edge of their seats. St. Louis won 10-9, even though twice they were within one strike of losing.

Game seven was the decider. First inning, the game was tied 2-2. In the third inning, Cards got a run in, 3-2. Fifth inning the Cards got two more runs in and it was 5-2. Seventh inning the Cards got another run to make it 6-2 and Texas just couldn’t catch up.

FOX Broadcasting announced that game seven was the highest rated in viewership in seven years with a 16.2% rating and 28% share of viewers. The St. Louis Cards were not even expected to make the playoffs and they came from behind to play their hearts out to the delight and pride of their fans.

Texas Rangers played their hearts out, but with crushing disappointment in the end, losing for the second year. Last Year they lost the series to the San Francisco Giants in five games. The St. Louis Cards Freese won MVP. Announcers commented on how “down to earth, humble” and “what a gentleman he is.” This is what makes great baseball, when Sportsmanship rules, great athletes compete and inspire us all!

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