Left Behind (from the archives): Movie Review For "Left Behind" starring Kirk Cameron

Left Behind starring Kirk Cameron

Review By: Caroline Brochet

Based on the best selling book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, Left Behind was released on video in October, 2000, and hit theatres in February, 2001. From the producers of Apocalypse, Revelation and Tribulation, Peter and Paul Lalonde re-teamed with Cloud Ten Pictures to produce this movie about the rapture of the saints from a pre-tribulation perspective.


Kirk Cameron stars as Buck Williams, a reporter for GNN news, with Brad Johnson as Rayford Steele, an airline pilot, and Janaya Stevens as Chloe Steele, his daughter. This is one of my all time favorite movies, because of the biblical message in it. The movie begins with Buck doing a story on a Jewish professor who has developed a secret formula to grow crops out of the desert. Meanwhile, Ray is called in for an emergency flight; Buck boards the flight on his way to further investigate the story. Panic sets in as people on the plane start disappearing. They then discover that Christians are disappearing worldwide and decide to turn the plane back. Upon his return home, Ray discovers that his wife and son were also taken.

As the story unravels, Buck is determined to find the truth about all these people vanishing without a trace. He meets Chloe, they fall in love, and eventually all three characters become Christians after they meet up with the pastor at the local church, played by Clarence Gilyard (who, by the way, was left behind as a result of losing his faith), and watch a videotape about the rapture in which all believers are taken to heaven.

Gordon Currie, as Nicholae Carpathia, UN Secretary General (the anti-christ), emerges to offer peace and security to a troubled planet. He is charismatic but can also manipulate people’s minds. Buck helps him, despite the fact that God has given him the discernment to see through him.

I was pleasantly surprised at this pre-tribulation perspective of the rapture of the saints, as there are different interpretations of the biblical scriptures as to when this will happen; many believe it will happen after the seven year period of tribulation. The movie has a ‘wake up’ message to all believers as well as being a tool to share the gospel with unbelievers. This PG rated 96 minute drama has no sexual content, is very enjoyable and has a wide range of Christian music including Michael W Smith, Third Day, Rebecca St. James, Bob Carlisle and Avalon.

This movie is a definite must see!

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