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Patrick McIntosh was born and raised in Sacramento, California and began
playing sports at an early age. He has competed in many sports, including
tennis, soccer, cross country, wrestling, baseball and skiing. He is happily
married and has a two-year-old daughter and a son that will be born at the
beginning of June.

Patrick has been teaching middle-school Math and Science for twelve years in
Northern California, Italy and Switzerland. Although he has a background as
a teacher, he has developed many relationships in the highest professional
levels of the skiing and soccer worlds with his blogging and interview
shows. Patrick has a passion for connecting people and helping athletes
connect with their audiences and represent brands.  Patrick enjoys speaking
Italian and feels fluent after a couple glasses of wine.

He has a strong, Christian faith, having been raised Catholic and practices
his faith daily.  As the only boy in a family of four children, he
remembers, at an early age, relying on Jesus’ loving grace and his dad for

“God is in the people that you meet each day.” Patrick uses this mantra in
working with others and developing relationships. “Relationships are the
glue that hold everything together.”

Patrick McIntosh is the founding member of many sports organizations
including The Hookybobbing Champions League and the USA Rope-Swinging Team.
His main sports are soccer and skiing and continues to push his fitness
forward to excel in these two sports and actively blogs on these two
disciplines at www.PatrickMcIntosh.com. You can find him on Facebook with
“Sports with P-mac” and @mcinpat on Twitter.

If you need sports management, contact Patrick McIntosh via Facebook, Twitter or his Weblog.

He has what it takes to help you with your sports career.

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