The Thanskgiving Giver | Let us Give Thanks on "Thanksgiving" ! ! !

The Thanskgiving Giver | Let us Give Thanks on “Thanksgiving” ! ! !
By Denise Miller

poverty-jake-gives-thanks-whenWhen we think of Thanksgiving, we think about the travelling, shopping and cooking. We think about whether or not we have to work that day, or whose house will host dinner for the family. There is a lot of stress involved. It can be costly. Maybe you have to put up with relatives that you would rather not see, maybe for valid reasons.

It is the official beginning of the Christmas Season, “Black Friday” starting in the wee hours of Friday.

But Thanksgiving is and should be a time to pause and reflect on our lives and Blessings we have received over the year. While we all had things go wrong, how many things have gone right for you this year? Instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the positive!

Our family is grateful for a good outcome of a health issue for our new grandson.

He was born last year in September and was constantly mysteriously sick. The doctors couldn’t figure it out and he worsened. Finally, in November he was admitted to Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia in liver failure at 12 weeks old!

After 16 hours, they diagnosed a rare genetic metabolic disorder called Tyrosinemia Type 1. Essentially, because of a genetic mishap, his liver is missing an enzyme to handle the amino acid Tyrosine. The Tyrosine builds up in the liver, destroying it, and the kidneys, etc. So he cannot process protein. He needed a special medicine that could not be delivered in time because of the holiday weekend. The baby was in critical danger and may not last. Someone unknown to us drove the medicine from Nashville, TN to Philadelphia, arriving at 3am Thanksgiving morning! Just for us!

As a result, our boy was saved! After 12 days at CHOP, he came home and through strict dietary restrictions and medicine he is now one year old and thriving!

We are grateful to the LORD for the staff at CHOP, the unknown “Angel” who drove the lifesaving medicine to us, and the love and support of family and friends.

This is what my Thanksgiving is about this year. I am sure each of you reading this has a story too. Stop and thank God for love, family and health .

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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