Happy Halloween – A special message for YOU on this “hollow day” …

Dear Valued Readers!


Are you ENJOYING your Halloween?


You’re here for a reason!

At when magazine, we are humbly grateful for what God has given us, and we do not wish to change our clean, decent, positive messages of hope that have been described for 10+ years as a beacon of light in a world of trash and rubbish. At the same time, it is our duty to provide you with NOT ONLY clean, decent and positive material YET FACTUAL as well.

This “holiday” that you’re partaking in, Halloween is an evil holiday. Its more of this world than any other, and fueled by the dark side. See, there is a constant war going on for YOUR SOUL between the one they call Lucifer and The Bright Morning Star, Jesus Christ!

Note: The below video is like nothing you’ve ever seen Here on When Magazine! Brace Yourself and Have an Open Mind! The end conclusion is “up to you” and “what you decide to do with this powerful information” …

We pray that you have a blessed Halloween and God opens up your eyes to The Truth That Surrounds You!

God’s Blessings Are Best,

The When Magazine Team

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