Trip Back When: Remembering receiving sold out passes to American Idol And So Much More!

By: Doug Deneve and Curtis Ray Bizelli

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Let’s take a journey back in time to when our magazine first began. It has been nothing short of a grand roller coaster ride. First off, the bat was Peter Lowe; Nashville, TN at The Gaylord Entertainment Center now called The Summet Center where big acts come to play all year round. Next we had an interview with the founder of the Little River Band. Remember the song “Help Is On Its Way“?

Beeb Birtles from The Little River Band had agreed to speak with us, so we embarked toward OUR FIRST interview ever! After that, “The Keeper of The Stars” led us to Tracy Byrd.  The interview with this all-time great country artist was performed over the phone while he was settled in Texas.

Then comes little events; Too many too mention! They came left and right and over the period of SEVEN years – God’s Time! These little events built our base up on-line. As the weeks pass, we get another invitation to go out of town to Birmingham, Alabama to the Graystone golf course where they host The Senior Golf Tournament featuring Chi Chi Rodriguez and Tom Watson. We were privileged to share the same room as the pro while he was eating. It was such a treat.

One interesting person I met was with MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He was the vice president of promotion there. Discussing the magazine with him; He was so excited about our plans to grow thus we made a direct connection with this man effortlessly. The food was wonderful.

Another celebrity that we made contact with was Bo Jackson! Bo was signing autographs in the hot sun, and thinking of him as being a social-elite; He should have an umbrella at least, RIGHT? So we approached him. While he stowed the fields before the tournament started, we met some of the

pros and during the tour, we let him know about our publication. All seemed to be positive and supportive about what we had done thus far.

Next on Supernatural being’s agenda was a few showcases in Nashville from musicians to dance teams competitions. One I was able to sit in on a dance audition that has credits with Madonna to Michael Jackson back up awards.

Then later came American Idol! WHOA! What a surprise! “Ruben Studdard showed up at my door. At the time, I didn’t know he had any talent. He wouldn’t sing for me, and he didn’t have a tape” states Doug Deneve. “I mentioned Clive Davis and J Records to him. It all happened later. So he left the rest as history!”

ruben_studdardWe went to the BJCC Center about their American Idol Tour and prayed to get into A SOLD OUT EVENT! — Progressed directly to the food and beverage dept where Direct from BJCC was coming out of her office. “Was told that I had a slim to none chance of the passes to the show but was admired by my confidence and gave me a number to Los Angeles where President of publicity of American idol was stationed at. Knowing that there were only a few passes on the whole touring schedule all over the USA. Low and behold we got a pass 3 weeks later and took my police escort friend along with us. I’ll remember that night for a long time. More memories coming soon as PART TWO will be unfolded online or in print (by faith) in the future!”

~ Remember The Good Times From This Day Forward~
~ Sincerely: Doug & Curt ~

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