THE HISTORY OF TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS: Where did our Symbols and Traditions come from?

How did this all start? Did you know that candy canes began as a treat for children in a German choir in 1670? The tradition of Christmas Caroling began in the early days of Christianity with songs being composed as chants or hymns. Early carols were actually a circle dance without music or any form of song.

The Run Down Review on "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Zones (2004)

is a drama/comedy that takes place at a JFK airport terminal in New York City. Viktor Navorski (Hanks) is scheduled to depart to his native east European country of Krakozhia, but finds out that a revolution and civil unrest has broken

Feeling Trapped in the Holiday Rush? Read 5 tips to Decrease Stress!

The holiday rush is in full swing, does that mean you have to feel rushed too? Did you join in the “Black Friday frenzy? If so, what did that do to your stress level? This month, I am going to offer five tips to decrease your stress and help you have a more relaxed holiday season.

Washington player penalized for pointing to heavens after TD | Bible Prophecy Lived Before Your Eyes! Who Will YOU Choose To Serve? God or Mammon?

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